Ingredients and sourcing

Being a Cornish company we believe in supporting the Cornish economy by buying as many of our ingredients as locally as is possible.

However, as we put over 800 different ingredients into our products, we don’t pretend that all of our ingredients come from Cornwall. So when we can’t source locally we try to make sure that our ingredients are at least West Country or British.

Here are some examples of where we do source some of our ingredients from:

All the beef is British Red Tractor approved

Our sausage rolls & pork pies are made with British pork

The flour in all our products is British

Our cheese ranges from West Country Cheddar to Lockerbie Cheddar, with red Leicester in between

Our butter, milk, cream & yoghurt comes from Trewithan Dairy in Cornwall

The beers & ales we use in our products are supplied by St Austell Brewery

We are members of, and support the work of RSPO ( and all the palm oil ingredients that we purchase are RSPO certified

The potato & swede that go into the traditional Cornish pasty all come from Cornwall

If you want to find out more about our ingredient sourcing please give us a call.